Privacy Policy

Fantamstick, Ltd. (“Our company”) acknowledges the importance of protecting personal information when we are providing our service “Play Study Go!”. We hereby declare to respect laws and regulations related to personal information protection including COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and establish independent rules and framework to execute and maintain our privacy policy stipulated below.


Personal information means information relating to an individual that identifies a particular individual, such as the individual’s name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, email address, occupation, workplace, etc. This includes information which can be readily collated with other information and thereby identify a specific individual.


This privacy policy applies to all service provided by “Play Study GO!” (“our service”.) Services that collect information individually also has its own privacy policy which covers its privacy protection guideline in more detail. Personal information is managed/handled under this privacy policy as well as the individual policies set per service.
Any information collected on other platforms, etc. such as on linked sites is out of the scope of this policy.


Our company collects the following information for our service. However, we do not excessively collect personal information from users under the age of 13 (“child” or “children”.) In case of collecting personal information from a child, we will ask the child’s parent to input the child’s personal information and will not directly collect personal information from children.

  1. Information we ask you to provide
    We collect information such as email address, user name and password. Passwords are encrypted in a method that cannot be decoded in order to manage them in a safe and secure manner. Email addresses are used to send email magazines to users who have subscribed, or to inform users any other information regarding our service. We may also collect your name, postal address, and your telephone number in order to send sweepstake prizes, etc. Please make sure the parent inputs these pieces of information if they are personal information of a child.
  2. Cookie
    We use cookies to provide a user-friendly experience such as pre-populated email address on the user’s log-in page. We also use cookies as support for our internal operation, maintaining sessions and providing protection of network security, etc.
  3. Log
    Logs are automatically generated when users visit our service website. The log saves the user’s IP address, browser type, browser language, etc. These pieces of information help us determine the user’s environment to provide better service and support for our internal operation by preventing any fraud that may have an impact our service, etc. Search history is saved and managed in a format that does not identify any specific individuals and is used for statistical data creation purposes.
  4. Help
    We may ask you to provide data such as your email address, name, user name and computer hardware information. This information is used to make investigations and respond to user inquires as well as to verify the user’s identity. Please make sure the parent inputs these pieces of information if they are personal information of a child.
  5. Geolocation information
    Some of our service use geolocation information transmitted from the user’s smartphone device, etc. We collect and use geolocation information to the extent necessary for the user to use that service. That said, specific individuals cannot be identified with geolocation information since such data are anonymized before collection.
  6. Device information
    We may collect user device information such as device ID, etc. These pieces of information are used to provide better service and to prevent any fraud that may have an impact on service operations. These pieces of information do not include any information that identifies specific individuals.


Our company uses the information collected solely for the following purposes;

  1. To provide a smooth experience for the users using our service
  2. To create statistical data regarding the usage of our service
  3. To develop and consider ideas for our service, to conduct and analyze surveys for improving our service
  4. To respond to inquiries from users
  5. To inform users with information regarding our service and to serve ads sponsored by other businesses, etc.
  6. To develop and provide new ideas/ content related to our service for the future
  7. To send campaign and sweepstakes prizes, etc. to users
  8. To verify identification upon receiving inquiries from users
  9. To contact users when necessary to announce any other important information regarding our service


Our company never shares personal information to third parties except for the following cases;

  1. Cases in which the company has prior consent from the user or the child’s parent, if the user is a child
  2. Cases when permitted or required by law
  3. Cases in which the user violates the service’s terms and conditions and considered the company has reasonable grounds to judge that they have no other choice but to disclose the personal information to protect its service, etc.
  4. Cases in which there is a need to protect a human life, body or fortune, and when it is difficult to obtain the user’s consent
  5. Cases in which there is a special need to enhance public hygiene or promote fostering healthy children, and when it is difficult to obtain the user’s consent
  6. Cases in which there is a business succession (including personal information) from our company to another due to mergers, demergers, transfer of business or for any other reasons.


Our company may entrust an outside vendor to handle part of or all personal information collected from users to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose stipulated above, in which case the company will fully test the vendor’s aptitude, prescribe considerations, etc. regarding non-disclosure contract the vendor must comply with, and develop a structure to manage and handle information in a sufficient manner.


Our company may use the personal information together with business partners when a business partner is required to provide a specific service, in which case we will disclose the name of the business partner, the type of information shared with the partner and the name of the operator.


Users and the child’s parent have the right to check and amend registered information such as their email address and password anytime on our service’s website. Users and the child’s parent also have the right to delete the account.
Except for cases described below, users have the right to request our company to disclose personal information they cannot confirm on the service’s website by following the procedure set separately by our company.

  1. Cases in which the disclosure may impair the user’s or a third party’s life, body or fortune, or any other rights and interests
  2. Cases in which the disclosure may have a significant impact on our company’s appropriate conduct of business
  3. Cases in which the disclosure is a violation of law
  4. Cases in which the request of disclosure cannot be verified as request from the actual user him/herself

If the user determines the disclosed personal information from our company is incorrect, the user can further make a request to amend, add, or delete the personal information by following the procedure set separately by our company. Upon receiving the request, our company must investigate the request without delay to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose. The company will amend, add, or delete the subject personal information based on the result of the investigation. We may charge the user with disclosure fees for any requests regarding disclosure of personal information that cannot be confirmed on the service site.
Providing personal information to our company is voluntary. However, the user may not be able to use part of our service if the required information is not provided.


Please make sure users under the age of 15 obtain parental consent to use our service and to input personal information. Please make sure it is the child’s parent inputting personal information if a child is using our service and the personal information being input is his/hers. Please make sure that you read this privacy policy carefully and agree before inputting any personal information.


From time to time, we may make revisions to this privacy policy. We will provide notice to you if these revisions are critical, using methods that are clear/ easy-to-understand for the user and the child’s parent.


Please contact us through the inquiry form for inquiries about this privacy policy or any questions, complaints and advice regarding how our service handles personal information.

Our company accommodates any request from the user or the child’s parent if the user is a child, to disclose personal information (excluding cases that corresponds to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Article25, provision of item 1), to amend, add, delete, suspend the use of personal information, or to suspend providing personal information to third parties without delay once the request is verified that it was from the user him/herself (or his/her parent.) However, our company may ask the requester to bear a reasonable amount of disclosure fee, etc.


Our company is committed to comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information protection including the Private Information Protection Law. Therefore, we will continue to make efforts in strengthening our compliance capabilities going down the road.


In addition to our company’s continual improvements in personal information protection activities, we will commit to educate and cultivate all our employees (including part-time employees.)


Enacted November, 12th, 2018